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QuestGarden Group Code Request

If you're leading a workshop, inservice or University course in which five or more participants will be using QuestGarden to create their own WebQuest, you'll want to get them a group code. By doing so, you'll be able to track their progress and all participants in the course will be able to provide peer feedback to each other as their work continues. There is no cost for this service, though users must be logged into QuestGarden to access the group report page. Here's what a typical group report looks like. [PDF]

NOTE: If you are collaborating with others in creating a single WebQuest, this form is not for you. Instead, one of the team members should start the WebQuest and then add the others as co-authors on the Title/Authors page.

The course instructor or workshop facilitator should be the one to complete this form. He or she must already have QuestGarden membership (either free trial or paid subscription). If you're a student in the class, do not complete this form.

Click here to get a 30-day free trial membership.

In order to set up your group, we need to know the following information:

Group Leader
Course Information

This will appear at the top of your group report.
e.g. "EDT 610 - Internet for Educators - Section 3 - Spring 2015".

University, district, school or other entity sponsoring the course or workshop
State (US) Country
QG Start Date
(approximate date students will begin to use QuestGarden)