You will have the opportunity to develop basic computer skills using Microsoft Office.  The focus of the quest is to take you through some of the standard programs that are commonly used by students.  Microsoft Word has many components and will be utilized to construct proficient essay papers.  Microsoft Power Point will showcase your slide presentations with animation, color, and sound.  The final portion will be Microsoft Publisher to develop your newsletters. 

You will begin with a WORD document.  Although WORD has many attributes, it is the best source for writing essay papers, letters, charts, and tables.  Let's begin this endeavor with a brief introduction to WORD and your first assignment.

 Student Directions to familiarze yourself with commonly used features of the program: 


Microsoft Word Demonstration


From the START button, open WORD

Open a new document (a blank piece of paper)

Click on each of the tabs at the top of the screen

Familiarize yourselves with some of the attributes in the HOME tab

Click on the FONT dropdown arrow

Locate Chiller, Comic Sans, and Stencil

Next to the FONT is the SIZE dropdown

Click on the arrow and locate 24, 36, and 72

Font colors can be selected from the dropdown arrow in the bottom row on the far right

Explore 4 or 5 different colors

The PARAGRAPH section allows you to change the margins, add bullets, align the text,

and add a border.

Click on the arrow to pull up the PARAGRAPH DIALOGUE BOX

Change the spacing to double and click OK

Go to the INSERT tab

Familiarize yourselves with some of the tools in this section

Go to CLIPART and search for a ball, tree, and computer



Graphic Story Assignment


Your first task is to create a story with picture and text

 It can be fiction or nonfiction

Type in a title and make it BOLD

Center the title

Change the font and the color. Make sure the font is easy to read and do not go

above a 14 point.

 Insert clipart in place of 10 different words.

 Select in line with text from the text wrapping section.

Align your clipart with your text

Set your margins 1 inch on all sides story 

Double space your story from the paragraph box in the HOME tab

Add your name and date in the header section located in the INSERT tab

Make sure your story is at least one page in length.



Technology Lesson 2 


Your next task is to create a complaint letter in WORD.  You will select an issue or

concern that needs attention either on your campus, community or world.  This letter

requires an Internet search to obtain the address and phone number of the company you

are writing.  There are three key components that you need to include.


Provide background personal information.  Who are you and why do you

have this particular concern? 

What are the specific issues related to your letter?

Suggest a solution to the problem.  How can it be resolved? 


Use proper letter headings, salutations, and closing.  The letter will be mailed to the



This letter is written from the perspective of a character in the novel, Animal Farm.  A student wrote this letter based on the specifics of the complaint letter assignment. 


12345 N. Parkview Place
Surprise, AZ 55555

October 5, 2009

Russian Leaders
Castle Clan, LLC
1234 Russian Road
Farmville, Russia 65435

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Napoleon and I am a leader in the revolt against our current government is Russia.  As a boar on Mr. Jones’ Farm I am highly influential and respected among my peers.  I have discovered an issue, however, that needs your immediate attention.  

I am writing to you out of concern for my fellow workers.  We are under the rule of Mr. Jones and do not receive the health care we are entitled.  The health care plan under code 37668 indicated that employees of Mr. Jones receive monthly check ups and dental care.  At this time, I have been employed for 4 years and have not had a single dentist visit.  My health is diminishing and I feel as though I might die.  I am asking that you somehow enforce our health care plan and direct Mr. Jones to provide our dentistry. 

Than you for taking the time to read this letter.  I am certain that this matter will be resolved in a timely fashion. 


 Napoleon the Boar




























Power Point is a Microsoft Program that allows the creator to develop slides with text, pictures and sound.  The creations can be set to music or the presenter can discuss key points with their audience as they share each slide.  There are many aspects of this program including animation and color designs. 

You will explore Power Point and create a final presentation depicting a topic of your choice.

Topic Ideas:

All About Me

My Dream Job

Our Family Vacation

If I Were President 

Your first task is to determine the topic you will present.  Once you have your idea, select a design that corresponds with the theme.  Create a title page and a total of ten slides incorporating the following details. 

Include entrance and exit animation on a minimum of 4 slides.

Change the font and color on 3 slides.

Utilize 7 images related to the theme.

Add sound to at least 2 slides.

 Use images that depict the topic.  If your Power Point

is related to nature then your pictures will reflect the outdoors.

View the attachment for ideas and expectations.


Microsoft Publisher is a create resource for newsletters, flyers, brochures, certificates and banners.  The capabilities of this program are endless and reach as far as your imagination.

You will choose a product to demonstrate your skills.  Following a brief exploration of the program, determine an area of need such as an upcoming car wash or a monthly class newsletter.  If you have a student business, you might want to create business cards to share with potential clients.

Select a publication from the possibilities located in the Publication Types tab.  There are endless possibilities for advertising a product or an event.  Businesses are able to create cards, labels, gift certificates and much more.  Determine an upcoming event or business you would like to portray. 

Use images and color to make your advertisement stand out.

Adhere to appropriate headings, titles, and alignment.

Have a peer review your publication

Here is a specific idea for a brochure based on a biography of your choosing.

Computer Lab Research Assignment

Login to a computer using your user ID and password

Access a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Ask

Type in your research topic (your biography individual) in the search


Determine which link will provide the most information and click on that link

Study the information and determine what you will use in your Brochure

Open MS PUBLISHER from the START menu

Select NEW from the office button


Select a 2, 3 or 4 fold brochure template of your choice.

Read the information prompts to get ideas.

You will need to highlight the words and prompts in each of the text boxes

and replace it with information about your biography individual.

 You need at least one picture of the person with a caption.

Make sure that the information in each column is relevant and pertains solely

to the individual you are researching 

Print your brochure.

The link below provides a sample of a tri-fold brochure that uses graphics,

color, and varied headings.

Transition Brochure 2.docx