Task One

You will begin by learning about Newton's three laws of motion. You will discover how inertia affects motion, how force, mass, and acceleration (F= M x A) relate to each other, and how everything has an action and a reaction.

Task Two

You will conduct two online experiments and record your results. One experiment involves a halfpipe. The other experiment uses bumper cars.

Task Three

You will build your own balloon racer demonstrating Newton's three laws. This fun task lets you put all of your new knowledge and creativity to work.  And of course, what is a race without a top prize!!!

Task Four

 As you are building your racer, you will need to write and design a manual explaining to others how to build it.  Your manual will need to be made using technology and must include diagrams.

Task Five

You will be required to create a visual describing Newton and his three laws including a visual example of each.