by Alisa Burch, Harrison County Public Library

This webquest is designed to help high school students find college scholarships.


College or Career?  That's how you start  Milton Bradley's "The Game of Life."  On your first turn you decide whether to start a career or start college.  The choice of college offered more career and salary options but it took more time and it put you into debt.  Remember at the start of the game how you put your little car on the career or college space...

Well, here you are in high school and even though graduation may seem like a long way off, it will be here before you know it.  You will be faced with that same decision.  Are you going to college or choosing to start a career?  

And life is not a board game.  The choices you make will not be decided by a spin of a wheel.  If your answer is college, maybe you have already thought about what you intend to study and what college you want to attend.  But have you considered how you are going to pay for it?


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