by Amber Helt, Caston Schools


Have you noticed school dress codes are in the news? School uniforms are a hot topic. Many public schools are revising their dress codes to establish school uniforms. Several public schools in the South Bend area have already switched to uniforms, and one of Logansport's elementary schools is testing "standardized dress" this year. Is your school next?



 Caston Junior-Senior High School currently has a dress code which regulates acceptable length of shorts and skirts, prohibits sleeveless shirts, and bans flip-flops (as of two years ago), among other guidelines. Students feel banning flip-flops went too far, but administrators and many faculty approve of this change for the students' safety in laboratories and in the hallways.

Many public schools are adopting school uniforms or "standardized dress" to eliminate disruptive clothing from the classroom and improve student safety. Many arguments for and against school uniforms have been voiced. Are they based on fact or simply opinions? Where do you stand? How does this relate to your rights to individuality?