Step 1:  Label the Monuments!!

Click Here to Print ONE copy of the Label the Washington D.C. Monuments/ Memorials worksheet.

As a group, try to Label the pictures on the worksheet by using the wordbank without looking for the answers.

After you have tried labeling the pictures on your own, Click here for help.  See how well you did.


Step 2: Research the Monuments!!

Next each group member should choose one of the eight monuments/memorials to research and print a copy of the Washington D.C. Log.  You will record your research information on these worksheets.

Once you choose your monument/building/memorial, use the sites and search engines provided to find the answers to the worksheet questions.

The White House

Wikipedia: The White House

White House History                           

Ben's Guide: White House

Kidport: White House

U.S. Capitol Building

Travel Washington: Capitol

Kidport: U.S. Capitol Building

Ben's Guide: Capitol

D.C. Tour: Capitol

Washington Monument

Travel Washington: Washington Monument

Kidport: Washington Monument

Teaching Tools: Washington

Ben's Guide: Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial

Kidport: Lincoln Memorial

National Park Service: Lincoln Memorial

Travel Washington: Lincoln Memorial

U.S. Geological Survey: Lincoln Memorial

Bolography: Lincoln Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

National Park Service: Jefferson Memorial

Wikipedia: Jefferson Memorial

Travel Washington: Jefferson Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery/ Arlington House

Historial Information: Arlington Cemetery

Wikipedia: Arlington National Cemetery

Travel Washington: Arlington

National Park Services: Arlington House

Wikipedia: Arlington House

Vietnam Memorial

The Wall-USA

Kidport: Vietnam Memorial

Ben's Guide: Vietnam Memorial

World War II Memorial

WWII Memorial

National Park Services: WWII Memorial

Wikipedia: WWII Memorial

Step 3: Write about the Monuments!!

Now write your report.  Suggestions include writing about when it was built; the architect or designer; what materials it is made from; how long it took to build; the dimensions of the building; what it represents or who it honors, etc. 

Include any other information on your Washington D.C. Log.