1. Research further information about the time period to go along with what you've learned in class.

2. Complete a graphic organizer to keep the events, people and documents in order.

3. Identify some of the historical elements you would like to include in your story.

4. Perform more research on the particular historical events, people and documents you plan to include; take notes.

5. Organize these items and decide how you went them to appear in your story.

6. Decide what you are going to create, particularly in regards to characters.

7. Decide what your story will be about and how the events and characters will fit into your storyline.

8. Create an outline of your story.

9. Write your story.

10. You are encouraged to reread your story, ask a peer to read it, and ask your teacher to read it.

11. After you have done all of the editing you feel necessary, publish your story.