Teacher Process

This WebQuest  is designed for multiple classroom sessions depending on how long your classroom meets each day.  Since this is online, you may give this to the students as a take home group project as well.  In its initial design, this WebQuest was to be done with an interactive map, however, I have not been able to find one that would allow me the functionality that I desired for this exercise, if you know of one, please use it, and send me the link!  The prices to use such maps were to high and would not be used enough to warrant the large price tag.

For this exercise to work, you need to get your students to think as a soldier from the Civil War time period.  I would use this project at the end of our Civil War section so that the students have a complete understanding of the time period in american history and what the war was all about.  The purpose is for students to think outside of the knowledge that is given to them by books and videos.  Using alternative history to teach allows free thinking and can be applied to knowledge already taught to students. 

You may consider letting students choose different battles to resdhape, however, there may not be as much information provided for the students and the links on this webpage would be obsolete.

Good Luck and enjoy the history making process!