by Kerri Mitchell, Hart High School

This WebQuest will teach students how to communicate online with their peers, their teachers, and others that they meet in both social and educational environments. It will prepare students to enter the workforce knowing how to communicate with their boss, their colleagues, or even employees. Netiquette is defined as "Etiquette on the Internet." Knowing proper Netiquette is an extremely valuable skill in today's technologically advanced world. This Netiquette WebQuest will help prepare students to be more prepared when communicating online.


"How do I talk to my teacher online?!?"

Technology today allows us to keep in touch like never before.  We can email, chat, participate in discussion boards, all at the speed of our Internet connection.  However, the power to communicate with those around us does not mean we always know the appropriate way to communicate.  How do you talk to your teacher in a face to face class?  Is this any different than talking to them in an online environment?  What about spelling and punctuation?  Do these things matter?  Is it ever appropriate to use slang in an online classroom situation?

These questions and more will be answered as you are taken through a WebQuest on Netiquette.


One of the most important things students need to know in relation to technology is how to communicate with others.


Is it appropriate to email your teacher and say “miz mitchell, whassup?  UR funny.  i’m ROTFL.  props 4 dat asignmnt”?

If you are text messaging a friend, do you have to say, “Michelle, why don't we meet at the shopping center on the corner of Lyons and Orchard Village.  I am very excited for our lunch date.  Your Friend, Kerri” .

What is an appropriate way to address teachers, friends, colleagues, coworkers, classmates, etc?

This WebQuest will teach you when to use formal and informal writing with technology.  You will learn about the differences between writing in a discussion board, an email, and a chat room.