It is time for the U.S. to decide if hydroelectricity is part of the solution. Your recommendation will have great influence in determining this. However, before writing your recommendation you need to do your research. You will do this by viewing all five of the following links. If you desire, you may open a Word Document or use a piece of paper to record the pros and cons that you find.







    After reading the links provided, you will brainstorm for about ten minutes. This technique should help you organize the different thoughts in your head. For further information on the technique of brainstorming visit:   

    After brainstorming you should decide if you are for or against an increase in hydroelectric power. Take this time to write your thesis statement.


    Now that you have written your thesis, start writing the rough draft. Donít worry about spelling or grammatical errors while doing this. Just concentrate on the content of the information. Take about fifteen minutes to do this.

    Next, read the recommendation that you have just written and try to fix the finer points. You should concentrate on paragraph construction, spelling, and grammar. Take about five minutes to do this.

The recommendation must be at least one paragraph long. Be wary of writing one that is too long, because you only have 20 minutes to write a rough draft and to fix your errors. Furthermore, keep in mind that a quality statement is more effective than a rambled one.

    You are now finished with the activity part of the web quest. You will now evaluate it to determine how well you have followed the instructions. Take your recommendation and click on the evaluation link. Then evaluate your statement as impartially as possible.