The scenario presented in this web quest may seem unrealistic, or even silly. However, the truth of the matter is that unless we start to look for alternative energy resources now, we may encounter such a situation in the future. Experts believe that we have about 50 years until we deplete our fossil fuel resources. Fifty years is a long time. Definitely long enough to develop a replacement energy source. However, unless more funding is devoted to developing these renewable resources we may find ourselves in the midst of such an energy crisis in the future.  

    Furthermore, as individuals we need to realize that the energy that we often waste may not last forever. This is why we should ensure that it is not wasted. Instead, we should treat it more preciously. Doing little things such as turning off unnecessary lights, or walking/riding a bicycle whenever possible -instead of driving- can make a big difference. Our individual efforts can go a long way in delaying the imminent depletion of fossil fuels. With an increased awareness of our extravagant use of energy and greater emphasis on the development of a renewable resource, we can ensure that such a scenario never takes place.     

Take a minute or two to think of other ways you can conserve energy.