by Courtney Williams, Memorial University


You've received a letter!________________________________________________________________

    National Student Space Organization
    1234 Main Street
    Toronto, Ontario
    A1A 2B2 


Dear Student,

I am sending this letter on behalf of the NSSO (National Student Space Organization). They've asked me to email this letter to you to inform you that you have been chosen to take part in a research project to gather information that will later be incorperated into their new space museum. Congratulations!

The NSSO is currently trying to find information about the solar system, but unfortunately their computer system crashed at their office in Toronto and now they can't search the internet (which is why I had to email this to you). The NSSO needs your help to answer some questions and find some facts about space.

I hope you can help them. 

I've put together this website to help you find the information the NSSO needs. Take you time and find as much information that you can about the nine planets, the sun and the moon. They really need your help!

Thank you,

Joe D. Bob
Computer Specialist