by LeAnne Balzer, Webster University

Choosing and creating a personal free web based email account.


Want to share silly emails with your co-workers and friends but don't want to use your work email account to transmit?  Did you know that there are vendors on the internet that will give you a free email account that you can use to send that email that is full of pictures of dogs dressed up in silly outfits without your boss knowing that you are doing it on company time.  Free!  Sounds too good to be true doesn't it but it is.  It can be a scary thing to use some of the resources on the internet but some resources can be very worth while and a free email account that can be accessed from anywhere is just one of them.  But how do you decide what vendor is the best to use?   

This webquest will walk you though the steps that you can use to evaluate a free service such as a free email account.  After completing this webquest you will have determined your email needs, evaluated the free email accounts offered by the vendors Google and Yahoo and created accounts with both vendors to test drive their systems.  Finally, you will choose your preferred email account and share your new address with friends, family and co-workers so that you can share any silly email you like without compromising your job and the security of the work email system.