by Stephanie Christopherson, University Of Phoenix
Bryan Fischer, The University Of Phoenix Online
Sherrie Smith, University Of Phoenix
Julia Westlake, University Of Phoenix

The purpose this WebQuest is to teach a student how to write a paper using APA formatting guides.

Teacher Introduction

Welcome Teachers!  We are delighted to see that you have either decided to review or use this WebQuest.  As you will find by reviewing the materials, this WebQuest is designed to give studentís a hands-on view of APA formatting.  


Writing is one of the keystones of education and part of writing is clearly articulating the ideas and information in a body of work.  The APA Manual has provided guidelines to enable writers to use standard formatting in order to rid work of misunderstandings, inconsistent citation/referencing/format and bias during peer-reviews.  Learning to use this method of formatting though has traditionally been a challenge for many scholars and students.  Through this WebQuest students will gain resources and skills to make the transition and use of the APA formatting guidelines seem like a walk in the park!


This WebQuest has been developed by student/scholars who are actively using the APA guidelines and who have identified areas of concern and needed practice.  With experience in mind and the guidelines in hand the materials were created to best assist students and teachers in learning and applying APA formatting in a meaningful and memorable way.