Assign roles first!

The Entertainer: This writer loves to tell stories or play with words to create poetry.† While he or she writes on a topic, the whole purpose of this writerís pieces are to draw readers into the story or enjoy the language of poetry.

Informant: Nothing but the facts for this writer, who is totally unbiased and presents information without taking a stand.

Persuader: The persuader presents only the cases that will support his or her standpoint.† This writer is good with words and often invokes emotion to convince others.

As reputable journalists, youíll research first.† You want to be sure to identify which article is written for what purpose.† Record your justifications on the Why Sheet, making sure to include quotes from the selection that support your decision.

Take a quick quia quiz on authorís purpose at† Each of you should take the quiz alone, but feel free to discuss any confusing ones afterwards.

Begin researching your topic and writing your articles.† Persuader, youíll need to be two writers, since your newspaper will include an editorial from both sides.† You donít want your paper to be biased!

Be sure to take a look at the rubric under evaluation so you'll know what your teacher is looking for!