You are working in a zoo and need a

list of animals that are born from

eggs. After you make a list of

oviparous animals, you will pick one

that you think is the most interesting

and one that the zoo needs. After your

research you will create a book

describing your animal.

Task 1

You will look at all of the links to find as many oviparous animals as you can. Each time you find a new oviparous animal write it down on the list.

Task 2

As you are looking at all of the oviparous animals, choose one you would like to learn more about. Click on the link of your animal, read all about your animal, and write down facts you learned about your animal.

Task 3

Use the facts you learned about your animal and write a book about your animal. Your book should have a cover with your animal name, a picture, and your name as the author. Inside your book write one fact on its own page. Be sure to read over your work to check your sentences. If you would like, add more pictures of your animal inside your book as illustrations. Find a partner to check your work.

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