Using what you learn throughout the WebQuest about the bordering state of West Virginia, you will need to do the following:

1) First, in partners, you will read through the WebQuest and closely examine websites, videos and photographs. As you do this, use the paper given to you to answer a set of questions. 

2) Next, you and your partner will chose a bordering state you want to design a new flag for, and decide what kind of things you will be adding to your new design of the state flag.

3) Then, once you have chosen a bordering state of West Virginia based on your research, with your partner, you can choose to draw a picture on paper or actually design your flag on fabric. Will you incorporate their landscape? State bird? State capitol? State colors? However you chose to represent the bordering state you chose, you will still need to meet rubric requirements.

4) Finally, after each group has finished creating their new state flag for a state bordering West Virginia, you and your partner will present it to the class telling us all about your state and why you designed your flag the way you did.