Teacher Process

Before beginning the WebQuest, you should assign partners. Students should be assigned to mixed ability pairs. This will allow most students to be on the same level, so pairs will not fly through this WebQuest.

Write the WebQuest link on the board. You can assist students to make sure they are logged onto this site and have found the WebQuest. Depending on your group of students, you might choose to read over the task and evaluation as a class, however, students gain more responsibility when completing the assignment independently. The choice is ultimately up to you as a teacher to decided which would be more beneficial to your students.  

As students are working, walk around the classroom and answer any questions they might have. Ask probing questions to ensure that students are staying on track and to scaffold their thinking. If students are having issues with their partner, let them work it out first, but step in if necessary. 

After the WebQuest, have students present their new state flags. Remind them to check over the rubric to see if they have included everything they need to.