by Kaitlin Hunter

Teacher Introduction


This Webquest is designed to teach students about the five bordering states of West Virginia, where they are located and facts about each state. They will research information about these states and then use the information to design a new state flag for one of the bordering states. 

This WebQuest could be used as a lesson or could be incorporated into a West Virginia geography unit or learning cycle. For example, before the WebQuest you might ask students to share stories of trips they have taken outside of West Virginia. You could show pictures from various parts of the different states and ask students to list characteristics of these different areas. They can compare and contrast the differences they saw on their vacation and when they are home in West Virginia. These kinds of activities will allow you to assess students' prior knowledge.

This WebQuest will take 3-4 days to complete, depending on time and how quickly your students work through each task. To start you should first make sure students know where West Virginia is located on the map. Then allow at least one class period for students to research the included links and explore the different states. The next day should be devoted to the design and construction of their state flag project, however, this may carry over into the following day. The last day should be used for students to present their projects to the class. Lastly, you will want to hold a closure discussion/activity to the lesson. If it is being taught in a unit, use a formative assessment to determine student understanding. For example, students might complete an exit ticket. Make sure to ask student what else they would like to learn about the bordering states of West Virginia!