First, you and a partner will closely examine the following websites, video and photographs. As you do this, use the paper given to you to answer the following questions:

"Where is West Virginia located on the map?”

“How many state's border WV?”

“What are the state's names?” 

“Where are each state's located?”

“What is that state's motto, bird, animal, capital, tree, butterfly, flag, etc?”

“Do these state's look like West Virginia?” “What is different or the same?” “Why do you think that?”

Look at the picture above. This is the state of West Virginia. What do you notice about this picture? Have you been to any places in West Virginia that look similar to this picture?






Now, look at the pictures above. How do they compare to the previous picture of West Virginia? Comparing the pictures, what is the landscape like in each of the different states? What is different or the same about each state? Do they look similar?



Next, use these helpful resources to find information about the bordering states of West Virginia. Search through each site to look at photographs, maps, and information about each bordering state. Write any helpful information down on your paper. 

Visit the government website for each state!

Learn about the state's symbols

Learn facts and trivia about each state 

Use this interactive maps to learn about where each state is located 

Play games to test your knowledge about each bordering state 

Video about West Virginia

Video about Maryland 

Video about Pennsylvania

Video about Ohio 

Video about Virginia 

Video about Kentucky 


After learning about the bordering states of West Virginia you should begin thinking which state you want to redesign a flag for. Once you have chosen a state you want to design a flag for, decide what kind of things you will be adding to your new design of the state flag. Are you going to incorporate their landscape? State bird? State capitol? State colors? It is up to you!

As you are choosing the state you want to redesign a flag for consider the following questions:



Time to Build!

With your partner, you can choose to draw a picture on paper or actually design a flag on fabric. Whichever you choose, you will need to include the following:

One partner will be responsible for:

The other partner will be responsible for:

Both partners will be responsible for:

Make sure to be creative! (Use detail, a variety of colors, and your imagination!) 


Time to Present!

After each group has finished creating their new state flag for a state bordering West Virginia, you will present them to the class. In the presentation you must tell us:

1) Which bordering state you chose?

2) Where it is located on the map?  

3) What you learned about this state?

4) Why did you design the flag the way you did? What does each thing you put on the flag represent?

Time to test what you learned!

Once all groups are finished presenting, your teacher will hand out an exit ticket.


Do you best and think back to what you learned. Good Luck!