by Diane Topping, Boca Ciega High

This is a WebQuest for advanced drama students about acting theories and the theorist.


Left to Right:  Stella Adler, Jerzy Grotowski, Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Konstantin Stanislavski, Lee Strasberg

Have you ever watched a scene or monologue that took your breath away?  Did you wonder how the actor prepared for the performance?  What did he/she do that helps him/her make the performance so riveting?  You will find that some of the result is in the approach that was used in the actor's preparation.  This project lets you explore two acting theorists as a collaborative group and explore six theorists as a class.  At the conclusion of the project, you should have an arsenal of six different acting theorists' approaches to a scene or monologue.   You should know how some of the  approaches might make the resulting performance of the same scene or monologue different based upon which acting theorist's approach was used in the preparation.