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Wringer Teacher Resources

This WebQuest and the novel reading take about a month for my remedial readers to accomplish.  We do most of the reading in class.  I have daily access to computers in my reading lab so scheduling computer time was not a problem. 

Wringer Calendar of Assignments     Here is a calendar of assignments I have used to teach this unit. 

Wringer Discussion Questions     My school uses ischool by Moodle so I can create discussion forums.  This is a list of the questions referred to on the assignment calendar.  These could be used as journal topics also.  My students enjoyed seeing their responses pop up on the screen and replying to other posts when they used the discussion forum.

Wringer Vocabulary List 1  Vocabulary List 2, Vocabulary List 3   I taught three lists of words and my technology specialist helped me create some web activities for practice that I kept on my ischool page so students could practice at home.

Wringer Comprehension Questions    I do give out questions and quizzes as noted on the calendar.  Many of the questions I make up, but many come from the Novel Units Study Guide, Wringer, Student Packet.  I also use parts of the test found in this guide for a final test.  This guide is available from Novel Units, Inc., PO Box 791610, San Antonio, TX 78279.  Because I have integrated questions from published material, I do not feel free to publish the questions and quizzes on the web.

Wringer WebQuest Lesson Plan    This lesson plan includes objectives, a list of materials needed, and the sequence of learning activities for the WebQuest project.

Wringer WebQuest Task Checklist    This checklist was developed to help students focus on the research tasks and not just the design.  It helps students keep track of the resources they have read and the steps they have completed.

Wringer WebQuest Research Guide     This is the research guide my students used to collect information about pigeon care.

'Lucky in Love"   My students used this worksheet to guide their reading of this article about a pigeon named Lucky who was rescued and became a pet.

Storyboard Planner    This is the worksheet my students used to plan their project.  This was helpful in getting students to focus on the content first.  It was easy for me to help with editing in this phase.

Wringer WebQuest Grading Rubric    This rubric can be printed and used to grade the slideshow or booklet.  It also includes a rubric for the glossary which was scored separately.

Other Resources:

    Wringer    by Jerry Spinelli

    Pigeon Expert    I contacted the state pigeon organization available through this link.  You have to navigate through the website from the club link at the top of the page.  Then choose "Pigeon Cote" and you will get a list of state organization.  I was referred  to a pigeon fancier who was willing to come to school to meet with my students.  Our school lent me 3 digital cameras for students to use.

Book Publishing:  We used plastic spiral binding with cardstock for covers.