by Laura Ortiz, Coral Gables Senior High

This webquest is intended for students to teach the class about specific details concerning the main groups of people who were persecuted in the Holocaust--Jews, Poles, Political Dissidents, Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh-Day Adventists, the Handicapped, Sinti and Roma, and Slavs.

Teacher Introduction

     I teach a Holocaust/Genocide class at my high school. At the beginning of the course, one of the myths were that only the Jewish people were targets of the Holocaust. It is important, no vital, to commemorate all groups. Students would ask me, "Well, then why do museums only emphazise the Jews?" That got me thinking, "Yes, why?"

     So I designed this project to allow students to create personal memorials for all types of groups, aimed at humanizing the Holocaust even further. It is important to provide students with a face, and a history in order to really engage them in other discussions.