by Laura Adele Soracco, Green River Community College

This WebQuest guides EFL or ESL students through a discovery of all the interesting spots to visit as a turist in a city in the US. Students will be in charge of collecting information and selecting their favorite places and activities in order to make travel plans. In the end, the will also plan a travel budget and present their travel plans to others in class.


Have you ever thought of going on vacation to a city in the US with friends or family?

Can you imagine all the places and things you could do on a fun vacation like that?

This WebQuest will guide you step by step in the process of planning a great vacation and discovering a new city in the United States. 
You will learn about the natural attractions and parks, important places to see, the local people, a bit of history, and even about the music and food of this place. At the end, you will have  a unique travel plan to share with others. 
... Let's begin with your travel plans!