1.  Read a biography from  You only need to pick one biography to read, but you may look at several biographies to select one. 


2.  After you choose a biography to read and are finished reading it, answer the following questions in your learning journal.  You just need to write out the answers, not the questions, in your journal.  

a.  What is the person’s name?

b.  When were they born?

c.  Why are they famous?

d.  What are three things they accomplished?
e.  When did the person die? 

What are the important parts of a biography?  How do you know? Write an answer to this in your learning journal. 


3.  Now, share your answers with your reading buddy.  Wait until your reading buddy is ready to share.  If you need to wait for your buddy, go on to the number four below.  What do you and your buddy think are the important parts of a biography?  Revise your answer after you talk to your buddy.  

4.  After you have read and answered the questions about the biography, now it is time to write an autobiography, or a biography about yourself.  Answer the following questions  about yourself in your learning journal.  

a.  What is your FULL name?

b.  When were you born?

c.  What are three things you have accomplished?  

d.  What do you want to do when you grow up?


5.  After you answer these questions, write the answers in a paragraph in your learning journal.  Raise your hand when you are done with this step.  Read another biography from the website while you wait for me to check your work.  

6.  After I have read your autobiography, type it in Word, and raise your hand when you are done and ready to print it.  Make sure you give your work a title and you put your name on it (the author!) at the top of your autobiography (see below).  

7.  After you print your autobiography, you may read books from your book box or more biographies.