by Andrew Lurker, Poulsbo Elementary School

In this WebQuest, students learn about biographies and write an autobiography about themselves.


We have been working on reading lots of different types of books this year!  Now, it is time to learn about another type of writing.  Have you ever read a story about a real-life person?  Was the person famous?  Did you learn a lot of great facts about that person?  You're going to learn more about this type of writing.  

In this WebQuest, you will learn about biographies.  A biography is a type of writing that tells about another person's life.  The person is usually a famous or well-known person.  You will then write an autobiography, or a biography that you'll write about yourself.  

Why read biographies?  We read them to learn about the great things that people have done.  We hope that we can learn from people and from their lives.  Maybe one of them will inspire you to do something great for your friends, family, or class!  

Why write an autobiography?  Because I want to learn all about you!  This is your chance to share about you and to share this with me, your family, and your friends.  

You just may be the next president of the United States!