by Erin Feingold, Lenihan

Modified by Louis Capozzi, Paterson School Two

The WebQuest is designed to facilitate critical website evaluation among 5th and 6th grade students when they conduct online research. Students will explore a variety of websites, including "bogus" sites, and note their characteristics. They will also learn critical skills that will help them analyze sites in order to be super sleuths of searching.


Have you ever had the experience where you do a google search on a topic with which you're already familiar just for the fun of it?  Did you come up with some wacky information that you knew couldn't possibly be true?  Well, you experienced the beauty of the internet - virtual information that virtually anyone can post.

 How do you know when the information you obtain is "good" if you don't know much about the topic to begin with?

In this WebQuest you will learn the skills to be a Super Sleuth when searching.