Acceptance Speech

1. What award did Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry win?

2. What are two of Mildred Taylor's reasons for writing her novel?

Biography of Mildred Taylor

1. Read Mildred Taylor's biography then LIST in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER seven influential events in Taylor's life.

Civil Rights Act

1. Summarize the Civil Rights Act.

2. Who proposed it?

3. Who signed the Civil Rights Act? When did it become law?

Civil Rights Movemet

1. Although the first Civil Rights Act was voided, when was it originally passed into law?

2. Did World War II hinder or advance discrimination? WWII Link

3. Who is Rosa Parks?

The Great Depression

1. What was the unemployment rate for Blacks? For Whites?

2. Why did Blacks realign themselves from the Republican party to the Democratic party?

Racial Segregation

1. Define racial segregation.

2. Is our country the only country that has had this experience? If not, name one other country that has practiced segregation.

Jim Crow America

1. Three of the four pictures have something 'typical' about this time period in the South. Look at the pictures carefully and write down what you think it is.

Jim Crow Law

1. What is the Jim Crow Law?

2. List 4 places, not states, affected by this principle.

Scottsboro Boys Trial

1. Look at the chronology, then read some of the letters and statements to get an idea of justice during this time period. Then summarize what happened and give your opinion, with support, of this event.


1. What is sharecropping?

2. What happpened to the sharecroppers if they worked the same land year after year?

Sharecropping Overview

1. According to the information, was sharecropping a good thing?

2. Who were the sharecroppers?

Sharecropper's Plantation

1. Why was tenant farming, also know as sharecropping, developed?

2. Why do you think planters would give sharecroppers credit at their store?

3. Do YOU think sharecropping was fair? Support your answer.

Brown vs. Board of Education

1. What was the result of the Plessy vs. Ferguson case?

2. What was the issue before the court in Brown vs. Board of Education?

3. What was the result of Brown vs. Board of Education?