Teacher Process

The topic of the written essay may be teacher-provided or student-initiated.  For my students (resource program), I used topics they were researching in their general education classes.  

This webquest is specifically for the structure of a five-paragraph essay and designed for flexibility in application.  

 Using the "Writing Process," this webquest may take a minimum of one week with students working on their papers approximately one hour per day.  The webquest itself is a reference, and students should have access to move from writing desk or word processor back to webquest as needed.  They will also need a printer to print graphic organizers and the steps in the process of writing.  I allowed students two weeks, with a schedule as follows:

Day 1 - Overview of the writing process and brainstorming/researching essay topics. Day 2 - Instructions for, and introduction of, webquest.
Days 3, 4, 5 - Students continue reading webquest info on essay structure.
Day 6 - Students review and print writing rubric, choose and print graphic organizer, and begin writing process.
Days 7, 8 - Students create rough draft, edit and revise.
Day 9 - Students peer edit, using writing rubric.  Begin final draft.
Day 10 - Final drafts due at end of period.