You made it through the rigorous interview process with the Commission of Explorers and passed with flying colors!

You will now be briefed on the journey and tasks that lay ahead of you.
You will use your exploration skills to travel to an area of land that might someday be called New York State.  Word is out that this land has much to offer, but the Commission of Explorers needs someone reliable and reputable to see if these rumors are true.  In order to see if the area in question is inhabitable or contains any valuable resources, you must carefully record every detail of your journey.  Your  task is to create a diary of your exploration, including the natural resources, possible landmarks, difficult terrain, and all significant discoveries in a detailed diary. 

Your diary will be used to determine if this voyage was a success. In addition, your diary will be used to decide if the land to be called New York State is sufficient for settlement.  Therefore, you must:

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