by Tabatha Finnegan, KES

Students will learn why certain explorers are important and what contributions they made to the settlement of New York State. They will research the greatest achievements of 4 major explorers and explain how their journeys and discoveries made a lasting impact on New York as it is today.

Teacher Introduction

This webquest is designed to incorporate technology with an authentic, meaningful learning experience.  Students will gain knowledge about the history and exploration of New York State and its impact today. Students will have some background knowledge of the explorers they will work with based on class and small group discussions.  The teacher is required to make sure the students understand the following essential questions when the activity culminates:

  • How did the early explorers find their way to New York State?
  • How did these explorers use ways of travel that are different than those of exploration used today?
  • What was the impact of exploration on the native inhabitants?