Step 1

You will be assigned to assume the role of one of the following explorers:

Christopher Columbus        Samuel de Champlain


Giovanni da Verrazano             Henry Hudson

The Commission of Explorers (your teacher) will assign a crew to assist you on your journey.  Each of your crew members will be responsible for creating a graphic organizer that will help you write your diary.  You work on the graphic organizer as a crew, but your diary is an individual task.

In your diary, be sure to include: 

Use the following web resources:

Christopher Columbus
Discover background information about Columbus using the following websites:

Samuel de Champlain

Learn about the life and journeys of Champlain with the internet sites below:

Giovanni da Verrazano

What contributions did Verrazano give to New York State? Find out:

Henry Hudson
Explore the significance of Hudson's travels using the following links:

Use a graphic organizer to compile the information you need to include in your diary.  Prepare for the journey ahead...

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Step 2

Organize your crew, assign tasks to your crew members to assist in your journey, load your ship, and say goodbye to loved ones.  The uncharted land awaits. 

Bon Voyage!
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 Step 3

Once you've concluded your journey, you and your crew must choose one of the extended tasks below:

  1. Write a persuasive essay that convinces someone to come on your voyage with you. Include how someone would benefit from going, expected events that will occur during the voyage, what equipment will be on board and how long the voyage will take.

  2. Create an illustrated timeline that shows what you've learned about the explorer you studied. Make five cards, each of a different event you learned about in your research. Make sure each illustration includes accurate information about the time period and incorporate a caption for each illustration.

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